Giacomo Mazzocato

I'm Giacomo Mazzocato and this is my home page. Here you find a tool (the accessibility color wheel) that helps to improve the legibility of web pages, a funny anagram generator, a java example project for educational purposes and the description of a job I realized during my university years, an example of programming in linguistics, that could be a start point.

Accessibility color wheel

This is a tool, that I created, which helps to choose a color pair, for instance to write a web page. For the sake of accessibility the text and background color of a site should also be easily readable to people who have not a perfect vision.

This tool helps to improve site accessibility by analyzing the contrast of a color pair and showing how color-blind people will see it. It simulates three kinds of vision deficiencies: deuteranopia, protanopia and tritanopia.

If the contrast between the colors is good, a checkmark will appear.

It's also possible to analyze whether the colors are good in case of normal vision and for every single deficiency.

Please let me know what you think of it!

Let's anagram

In this page you can find the anagrams of a chosen phrase. The anagrams of a phrase are the different phrases that can be build with the same letters of the original one but in different order. For instance an anagram of A Homer Simpson is Mr Homo Sapiens.

The anagrams can be generated in italian or english. I hope you have fun!

Past projects

I've put online two projects I realized during my university years. I make them available only for demonstrative purposes.

Here you'll find a java program I developed for a programming class and here the description of a job I realized in c++ on the properties of the italian language.