Lesst, a frontend to less, is now available. You can download it in the dedicated page. It let’s you browse the filesystem and view files. It needs the “less” executable which is included in the zip archive. More details on the installation are in the lesst main page.

There you can also view a video that shows it in action.
Let me know what you think of it. Any proposal is welcome!

list.com lives!

Do you remember list.com? it was a program for the dos prompt. It showed the files in the current directory, allowed to view them and to browse the filesystem. It was a 16 bit application and unfortunately cannot be longer used on modern PCs.
It’s available a similar program called lesst!.

It is also possible to simulate it in this way:

We use vifm and less. They are freely available for windows, that is the platform where we simulate list.

More agile color choice

Perhaps you’ve already noticed, it’s been a while since in the wheel there are 2 new buttons to choose the colors to test.
These are the color selectors provided by the browser (for the more technical the <input type = ‘color’>). Many modern browsers support this feature.
Let me know what you think!