Here you find lesst, a frontend to less on windows. It is used to display the list of files in a directory, choose a file and then display it. You can also browse the filesystem and go to the desired directory.

Here's a video of lesst in action

and download the latest version lesst_1.4.4_63c55ef.zip

Installation guide

Create a directory (for example Documents/App/bin) where to extract the content of the zip file. There you find both lesst and lessw.

Now add that directory to your path, so that you can call lesst directly from the command line prompt. To do so you have to update the "path" windows environment variable. If you have modified it correctly, when you write path in command prompt you will see the corresponding directory.


You can call lesst from the command line with an argument. If it refers to a directory lesst opens it. If instead it's a file, it directly invokes lessw (a custom version of less).

If you don't pass any arguments, it opens the current directory. You can specify an alternative command instead of lessw to view the files, by setting the PAGER environment variable. For example, if you set it to myprogram, when you press enter on a filename, it will execute myprogram filename

There are two command line flags: with -h (or --help) it shows the help text and with -v (or --version) it shows the version.

While viewing a directory, you can move around the various elements with the Up, Down,PageDown,PageUp, Left, Right and Blank keys. With Enter you choose the file to view or change the current directory. Press Control-l to refresh the directory content and q to exit.